We believe that Our family never really has a beginning and an ending.
Families are what builds us. They strengthen and shape us into the people we are forever becoming but they do not define us. Family are the bonds between people and sharing the same DNA is only one way that families are made.

We truly believe that there are no other people’s children. Each child needs to be loved, seen, heard, appreciated, built up and cared for. Vulnerable children are found in each community around the world and we can care for those near and far.

I am Louise, mum to many. Rick is the man who chose me.
Together we have 4 biological babies, 2 little loves who have lived with us since they were very small and many others who come for a little while.
Our family also includes those who we share letters with through Child Sponsorship with Compassion Australia.

The legacy I am seeking to leave for my children is that we all have a role to play.
We can either let life passively take us through our days or we can intentionally create joy, connection and authentic community; sharing the Love of God with people along the way.


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