Raising whole girls.

9AED57CB-F6D1-4F80-B7C7-AFC81825E6BEThese girls of mine! Oh my heart.
When little sister arrived earthside we had a blue blanket and a pink blanket ready to go. There were already 3 boys in our home at that point and big sister ran into the room, on seeing the pink blanket wrapped around the tiny bundle she exclaimed to the whole hospital,

“I have a sister!!”

With 5.5 years between them they don’t always get along. There is whining, fusing, “she is annoying me!” And “she won’t let me join in!” noises much of the time.
But there are those moments when they come close, cuddle in, lift each other up, forgive one another, laugh and play together. I know as they grow older that age gap will be less and less and I am so thankful that they will always have one another.

Raising daughters in today’s world isn’t easy.

Balancing teaching respect for themselves,
Love for each other,
Protective behaviours,
Keeping your eyes out for your friends,
Body awareness,
Not to fear,
Inspiring ambition,
Toughness to go for it,
A gentle spirit to receive words of blessing and constructive criticism,
A head able to problem solve,
An ability to choose and make great friends,
A know how of when to be serious and when to have fun,
Healthy eating,
Emotional regulation,
Cyber safety,
Humble confidence
and all the colours, numbers, letters!
These two make it easy but they are privileged girls. White, English speaking, 2 parent, tertiary educated home. They have each other and many others looking out for them.

Too many little girls in our world don’t. Too many little girls in our neighbourhoods don’t.
These two girls are changing that already. They are absolute world changers and make you feel better just by being close to them. I am so blessed to get to spend our afternoons snuggling on the couch, playing netball with them and listening to them chat. Being a part of their world is a blessing and I’m thankful for all the strong women and caring men who are helping me raise whole girls.

#girlsareworldchangers #ourfamilygrows

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