May is Foster Care Awareness Month

Each May I delve a little more in depth to the heart of foster care. If you have followed Our Family Grows for any length of time you will know that this isn’t just something we talk about, we have a passion to see each and every child reach their God given potential and sometimes that includes sharing our lives with little ones that are not biologically ours.

This May I will be sharing prayer points alongside practical advice for foster families, ideas for churches and individuals and how I hope we one day will work our way out of a job.

May is also Family and Domestic Violence Awareness month. As these two things so often go hand in hand, would you take a moment to pray for families experiencing violence in their homes. Particularly in this time as we are all shut behind closed doors. Children that experience domestic violence personally or because they are in the room when it happens are impacted in so many ways. The hurt of witnessing those who are meant to protect you leaves a mark that takes much longer to heal than a bruise.

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