Around the world weekends. First stop? China.

After our first weekend in quarantine I knew we needed a plan! Our weekends are usually busy with multiple kids sports, Ark gatherings, footy games and a little bit of free time. Suddenly all of those things weren’t available to take up the hours and we have already hang out at home during the week!

With 6 kids varying in ages from 1 to 12, it isn’t simply a matter of get yourself a project and go off and do it. There is still a need for supervision, guidance, feeding them all and trying to keep the peace with kids who are doing great in the circumstances but are also around each other a lot!

Not to mention that I am discovering more each day that I am a complete introvert at heart. Well perhaps not, but a few more moments to myself then what it takes me to take the dirty nappies to the bin outside would be heaven!

So! That brings us to our weekend travel plans. While we can’t physically go far, we have all that we need to take an adventure within our 4 walls. Each weekend we are choosing a country and ‘going there’. This weekend we didn’t take a plane (although that could be fun with the little ones) but we created crafts, ate food, watched movies and learnt about our host country.

It wasn’t constant, there was still time out just doing our own thing but it was great to punctuate our day with something fun and intentional. We chose China as Daddy was there this time last year with his work at The Bible Society. We travelled over both days and finished with a great meal, holiday (aka business) photo show and a challenge for our week ahead to do something for the Chinese people.

Here is a list in more detail with links to the various things we watched, made and ate. You are welcome to join us on our travels! We would love you to join our challenge too!


What we Ate and Drank

The husband brought home a treasured and beautiful teapot and Chinese teacups. They have sat on a shelf on display for a year but we pulled them out and had our own ‘tea ceremony’.

The Kids loved it! We just used the leaves I had on hand, an ‘Aussie fruit brew’ but it turned red, tasted sweet and made the experience fun.

  • Ants climbing a tree aka cellophane noodle stir fry. For some reason I had an abundance of these noodles in my pantry. Finally gave us a chance to cook with them. Everyone but the toddlers ate this.
  • Spring Rolls yum! I was able to use up the leftover cellophane noodles in this dish. Toddlers weren’t too keen but the big people were.
  • ‘Scripture Cookies’. As it turns out fortune cookies were invented in San Francisco and aren’t a part of Chinese culture but we decided to make them anyway. They were a little hard to bend into shape but yummy! Kids each wrote a bible verse on the papers that we hid inside of them.
  • Our last dinner we ordered some yummy honey Chicken, sweet and Sour Pork and Friend Rice from a local restaurant (take away of course).



Crafts – I kept it simple! I’m not a crafty mum and the amount of paint and glue that has been in my house already this month is starting to give me a twitch!

Art for kids hub – Chinese Dragon and Cherry Blossom. We drew these onto card and then made Chinese lanterns. My kids love Art for Kids hub – and these were simple enough to do that I found 3 of the kids sprawled on a bedroom floor this morning creating more all by themselves! Yay!!!

What we Watched

  • SBS Destination Flavour China. Made us hungry and pretty educational too.
  • Disney+ National Geographic channel has two gorgeous options to learn about the Chinese animals. Everyone loved watching this.
  • We learnt about the Great Wall of China.
  • And we finished the afternoon’s watching Kung Foo Panda! We particularly love the story line in the 2nd movie that you are not your past, you are who you choose to be. So important for our little men to know.

Our Challenge

Before we returned from our trip to China we learnt a little about what life is like for Christians living in China. While it is still widely believed that you need to smuggle Bibles into China, they truth of the matter is that like everything, China has the world’s Biggest Bible Printing Press.92341120_269710240850210_7194752244426735616_n The husband had an opportunity to tour the Press last year and we went through the photos with the kids as we talked about what it means to have a Bible. There are a fair few in our house, (although miss 5 only got her first ‘big girl Bible’ last week that she continually asks to ‘read’ aloud from.) While Bible’s are made in China, it is still difficult to purchase. You can not buy them online and they are only available at a few places, mostly in cities. For those who live rurally and who do not read, having your own Bible is as far away dream as becoming the Dragon Warrior. The Bible Society works to make Bibles accessible for the millions of Christians in China and they have created literacy programs to teach those who can’t read, how to read using the Bible.

So this week, to keep us motivated to keep moving, we have decided for every 1km we each walk/run/ride or swim, we will donate a $1 to the Bible Society Scripture for Millions. It only costs $2 for a person to own their own Bible, we are hoping to move 50 into hands of those who need them!

So the weekend finished, I am exhausted (but thankfully without any jet lag) but I feel like we had fun, relaxed, did something intentional and kept the chaos to a minimum. The kids know a little more about their Dad’s work, I ate good food, and we have added another place to our bucket list (well not all of us, some are more adventurous than others!)

Next stop – Israel!

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