For a time such as now

Have you cried yet?

I’m not a cryer. I don’t often get overwhelmed…unless my floor, kitchen and dining table are all messy at the same time, but this feels overwhelming.

While the fear of what is potentially coming still feels a little surreal it is the realisation that this year is going to be nothing like we expected it to be. It’s son’s first year of High School, a time of growing independence, learning and fun. Instead all of his new after school activities have been shut down. All his hard work to be a part of his excellent school are on hold day by day. It’s my baby girl’s first year in full time school. My little extrovert who exhausts us all with her energy and need for people is being asked not to hug! The very thing she loves most!

I have watched ‘the Church’ over this last week move from being inside 4 walls on a Sunday to being inside a screen in lounge rooms across the Globe. I am not critical of this – a time set aside to listen, be encouraged and feel connected to our ‘church family’ is important. To be honest, I actually sat and heard a message for the first time in weeks because I was able to watch my kids play and make noise while tuning in on the couch! But I hope that this is just a part of the Church’s reaction to what is going on in the world.

I feel like we are preparing for a storm – the weather men have been telling us it is coming for a while and we are just starting to feel the wind pick up. But we don’t know yet how heavy it is going to rain, or if in fact, it may miss us all together. But we are getting everything off the lawn, shutting the windows, and making sure there are batteries in the torches.

My hope is that God’s people don’t forget to offer a candle to their neighbour. We are in an incredible time to be on mission in our very local context. Not to judge and convert, but to serve one another in love (Galatians 5:13).

Our communities are full of vulnerable people, but I wonder if ‘Our Family Grows’ and Ark Australia have been placed here for such a time as this. To be a Bridge between the Foster Care Community and the Church. While our time to gather physically has been limited, we are each more available to share our strengths, our knowledge and our prayers .

Don’t fear the walls that are ever getting closer around us. Look for the opportunities to listen, learn and serve. Practically that can mean doing the shopping for essential items for a foster mum who now has 7 kids at home full time and is limited to purchasing 1 bag of rice at a time. It may mean dropping a meal at a front door for a family who has just received a new placement and must isolate again for 14 days. Or it could be setting up a FaceTime with a primary schooler to help them with their school work. Think outside the box.

This Facebook group has been created to join ‘The Church’ in WA and the Foster Care Community together. If you live in Western Australia join, share and get involved in making sure no child feels alone right now.

Let’s make sure no child feels alone.

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