As our world gets smaller, make theirs bigger!

What a crazy year it has been! And we aren’t even a quarter of the way through yet. We all know how hard it is ‘out there’ so I am not going to dwell on the details, rather, this is a post with some suggestions on ways to help our kids know and see the world as a big place where they can have a huge impact.

We have been home a couple of days, precautionary measures while we wait to find out if someone we have been in close contact with has the virus. I think we will all be forced home soon, if you aren’t already and have a plan for the kids is not only going to keep them occupied, it will keep you sane. I think one of the hardest things for kids to understand is why we are stuck inside when we feel well, the sun is out and they can’t see the impact this may have on them and their friends.

So as their worlds get smaller, let’s make sure they know just how big the world is, and that they are playing a role now to make a difference.

I brought this book in the summer holidays from Koorong with grand ideas to go through it and then I promptly forgot that I put it into the bookshelf. After a little maths and English (and when the toddlers are in bed) we have been opening this up, reading a page, talking about it and then I’ve left the kids to create while I grab a moment to myself! (Did you know that mornings between breakfast and lunch could last 10 hours!!!)

Today the kids are making shoebox houses. We have talked about how different people live around the world. Nevaeh and I shared with the others our memories from visiting our Compassion child in Indonesia last year. When I think of staying inside with my kids for the next two weeks, I don’t need to worry about where I will sell the clothes I make. Or my elderly parents who live with us, but that is their reality. Stopping, thinking and making these houses have given us some perspective. Reminded us to pray and hopefully some seeds of adventure, wonder and purpose where planted in my kids hearts.

So as we sit, wait and watch all the Bluey episodes (hopefully with the kids, but you know, whatever is going to make the days easier!), I would encourage you to find a way to help your kids see the world as a place they can impact. Right now it can feel overwhelming for adults, let’s keep our kids innocence and hope alive despite the crazy out there!

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