The numbers will overwhelm you. The need should inspire you to act.

To listen in to a few of my thoughts and experiences when it comes to caring for kids who are the real people behind the numbers of this table you can listen in to my interview on 98.5 Sonshinefm from last Thursday. (Tune in Thursday mornings at 10am to hear me once a month)

Each number represent a child.
A little person who loves to wave to the rubbish truck driver, or is working hard to write their name.
Someone who is hurt so deep that they may push before they can love.
The two little boys I spend my days with are numbers on this table.
The other 10 we have shared our home with this year, are numbers on this table.

The children are not broken.
The ‘system’ isn’t even what’s broken.
Child Protection is the last line in many, many, many broken choices, broken promises and broken services.

Be a part of the solution.
Become a foster carer.
Or become a mentor.
Or become a support person.
Or begin to pray.
Or get to know your neighbours.
We are all needed.


As a parent with kids between 1 and 12, I know that each stage has its joys and challenges. Moments that make and break days. Babies are beautiful but sleeping through the night and being toilet trained is too!

As a foster carer you can be available for certain ages. There is a need for those who love teens as much as there is for those loving baby snuggles.

These numbers again represent a real person. Someone worth knowing and loving, even if it’s just for a while.




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