Mothers day

A guest piece today from my friend, sister and one I share a son with. This woman has taught me about parenting with grace and with others as we have laughed, cried and prayed together for the children we call ours.


“Today I got my first Mother’s Day gift, it was a happy sad moment
This little one has only known me a matter of weeks and it is heartbreaking to see him struggle with big feelings that over whelm him. Such big feelings for such a tiny person.
So I wanted to share with you a talk I did last year with a group of girls who were in the same boat………..

I wonder if any of you know the origins of the day?

During the 1600’s, the early Christians in England celebrated a day to honor Mary, the mother of Christ.

This was later expanded to include all mothers, and named as the Mothering Sunday.

Mothers’ day is very special to me as I am blessed to share the day with many other women. I don’t just mean my mum. I mean my big family, my village that helps me raise my children. On this day we celebrate my children’s tummy mummies, their other foster mummies, and many other important women (young and old) that help me mother my children.

You see many women can share the gift of motherhood of one child – whether they gave birth to that child or not. I am blessed to have many women in my life that do their bit in mothering my children. They help to nurture and grow my children, they help love them. They are important in building these children, just as important as me.

One of my favorite bible stories of motherhood is in Exodus
The story tells the story of a boy born to a Hebrew woman in Egypt in the time when Pharaoh had ordered all Hebrew male babies where to be put to death. This mother loved her baby, she hid him as long as it was safe, but as the child grew she knew that she could not keep him a secret any longer. She took a basket, waterproofed it, and sent the baby boy down the river in the basket. This mother loved and wanted to protect her son and trusted God to look after him.
As it happened one of Pharaoh’s daughters spotted the basket and retrieved the child
She took this child and took him on as her

This boy was blessed to be mothered by two women. His tummy mummy gave him life and was blessed to nurture him for his earlier years. Then the princess mothered him. Do you know who this child was? Moses

Another person who was raised by two mothers was a young girl called Esther. She was born into one family, but due to circumstances beyond her control she had to be raised in another family. In the book of Esther became a queen, and God used her to bring deliverance to the Jewish people.

There are many stories in the bible about mothering. And many about parenting children that are not biologically yours. Too many for me to list here now.

But the most significate is in romans 8:15

Once we give our hearts to Christ, believing and trusting in Him alone for salvation, God says we become part of His family—not through the natural process of human conception, but through adoption.

God Himself adopts us into His family. None of us are born into Gods family. It is through love and choice that we are adopted into it.

As my children grow, I want for them to see that mothering is not just my hands dressing them for the day, turning the pages of a bedtime story or comforting them when they need it. I want them to see that mothers include all the hands who guide them through this great big world, includes those that gave them life and those that show them Gods love.

So next week we are blessed to be able to have a Mother’s Day and I am blessed spend it with my special ones. i celebrate and spend quality time with them but I will also remember their other mother figures. There tummy mummy, their aunt, previous carers and another significant female figured in their life. I will grieve with them for the loss of some but celebrate the gains they have from community and village. Those that have become surrogate family.”

Happy Mother’s Day to you all- foster, step, adopted, grand, Aunty, bio Mum.


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