To you Middle Mumma

To the middle mummas. A shout out to you. If today has been a wonderful day, one where memories are made, milestones are reached, children have behaved – I celebrate with you! These days can be few and far between and I know how much your heart rejoices as you wipe up the mess and sit back on the couch and hope that tomorrow will be the same, but know there is a high chance it won’t.

If today has been all about surviving, if it has included meltdowns brought on by contact visits, or threats made by people half your size or you are sporting a new bruise from when you stood between two warring siblings, my heart breaks with yours.

These days are long, the nights don’t always bring relief and the fear that tomorrow will be the same is all encompassing.

I am praying for you.

To the middle momma holding a baby with an untold history and an unknown future- I am there with you. Cuddle that baby close. Don’t fear giving her all the love you have. She needs it and while your heart might break, hers may never have to.

To the middle mumma who has just said goodbye and a room lays empty again, thank you. Thank you for sharing your home, your heart and your love. Take a rest. When you are ready I hope you will do it all again if you are needed.

To all my fellow middle mummas, tvhis journey is hard. Harder then I ever thought but bigger and brighter then I ever imagined. Find your tribe, laugh with them and cry with them. Keep on loving with what you have to give #middlemumma #fosternow #ourfamilygrows #middlemomma #

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