New Year, New word.

For many years I have resisted the idea of choosing a word that will define your attitude to a new year. It felt too forced, or ‘trendy’. But as 2018 has come to an end I have been reflecting on the need for a ‘word’. Just a little something to focus on as the chaos of a new year begins to unfold.

There is just something about new beginnings that allows us to reflect, refocus and restart. It allows a chance for all the ‘old’ to be left behind. Experiences we don’t want to repeat, or attitudes towards things that we want to change. Waistlines that we want to see get smaller or bank accounts get bigger.

Wanting change and seeing change happen though are very different. Merely the desire for change will not magically make it happen. In the past I have chosen to strive for change; push hard, work hard, play hard and surely I will make things occur. To some extend this has been the case but over the last few months I have begun to wonder if I can keep up the pace of striving for more.

What I really want is more time. More time to watch my family experience joy. More time to impart words of wisdom into my children’s little minds while they still think that mummy knows everything. More time to truly love others through their hard and their good.

While this may mean the bank account doesn’t grow – I know I will always be far from poor.
While this may mean my waistline doesn’t get smaller – Focussing on the desire for more time will allow me to be a healthier version of me holistically.

So for 2019, I am going to actively pursue being Present. I can not change the amount of time I have. That is one of those rules in life. But I can change the way I spend my time. This year it won’t be about striving for more, it will be about aiming for less. Less distractions, less yelling, less planning, less ‘what if’s’.

For the sake of my family, those I love and those I am yet to meet I want to have More presence in the Present.IMG_0181.jpg

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