Today I gave a boy back to …. an office.

Think there are enough foster carers and that it isn’t something you need to do?
At 4pm on Sunday we had a phone call that there was a 1 year old in the hospital, healthy and well but with no carer available to look after him.
Despite barely being able to walk and having a full house, I said that he could come here for the night and we could work it out on Monday morning.
On Monday I woke up really not able to walk, the infection in my knee was worse. When I called the office to organise for this sweet little tornado to move, they pleaded for him to stay another day as they had just received a phone call about newborn twins needing a mum. Today, I took this sweet little tornado to the district office so that he could have a visit with his mum, and then to move to his new ‘placement’. When I asked who he was going to, the caseworker replied that they hadn’t found anyone yet, she had cleared her day and had nothing on tonight so she could stay with him as late as he needed to.

A 1 year old boy had no place to go tonight.

It took everything I had not to wrap him back in my arms.
Perhaps I should of. But the same story would have replayed tomorrow, or next week, or in two weeks. There aren’t enough carers. There aren’t enough safe homes for children to go to.

Yes. I know that there are some carers available with a bed, and I don’t know why they don’t get a phonecall – but I also know that location, age range, children already in the home all come in to play.

But at the end of the day – a baby boy spent the day inside a white walled room because there was no where for him to go.

This part of fostering sucks. The letting go. The unknown pages to come for a little one. Not wanting to say goodbye but knowing for the sanity of yourhome and the obligations and responsibilities you have that you need to.

It is more complicated then this.
Of course it is.
But today a 1 year old sat in a room….and that was my call. And it feels horrible.

Please don’t tell me it isn’t my fault – I know that.
Don’t tell me it isn’t my responsibility – because it is. It is all of ours. Because kids deserve to have a safe place to sleep.  #fosternow

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