Fear and a new week

What do you Fear?
There’s Algophobia- Fear of pain. Obviously I don’t suffer from this after having 4 babies! There’s Aphenphosmphobia- Fear of being touched. Again…..mum. There are always children touching and climbing all over me!

What about Isolophobia- Fear of solitude, being alone. For me, that would be a dream! Just a few minutes a day of solitude.

When asked this question, I think many would automatically say that they fear; Public speaking, spiders, failure or heights. I know that these are real and can truly absorb someone in moments and lead to a response of fight or flight. There is no doubting the anguish and anxiety that these types of fears can create.
At a leaders conference I attended on the weekend a group of Christian women leaders were asked what they feared. Many of the above answers were given and perhaps they truly do fear sitting in front of a packed audience sharing some of their story but my head and heart went automatically to a different place when they question was presented.
My fear is that God’s people (The Church) will fail to recognise and respond to the needs of our community. That we will fail to be the safe place for people to rest in, to recover in, to receive the good news in.


What about knowing that we could have provided hope to someone and we didn’t. It isn’t public speaking or heights that set my heart into overdrive, it is the fear of a world that has forgotten to look after it’s children and foreigners that drives me.
What if we stopped thinking about what is scary for us to do and thought about what creates Hope for someone else. Allowing a fear to control your actions gives you little hope for that partic

ular part of your future. What if your future had no Hope? How much would you fear then? I suspect that there are mums, widows, dads, children, friends and neighbours who right now have very little hope and because of that fear their future. Let’s not let forget them. Be driven by the Hope that we can create a better world for the one. Whoever that one is in your world.



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