Indescribable small family Devotions.

Little Devotions for your family today.
We are looking at Day 2 – the day when God divided the waters which covered the earth. He placed the sky between the ‘waters above’ and the ‘waters below’.
So much to think of and explore with your kids today.

Eat – Try some Blue Jelly or add some different flavours to your water by squeezing in some lemon or oranges.

Discuss – While you eat your jelly and drink your water make a list of all the places that you can find water. Think of your home, the area that you live, remember together the times you have played at the beach or pool. What would the world be like if God hadn’t separated the waters above from the waters below?

Learn – My kids will often scale drinking water. It can be as bad as ‘Geraldton’ water and as good as Rain water. While I have to agree with them that Geraldton water is pretty gross – it isn’t anything like the 10% of the world’s population who don’t have access to clean drinking water. Watch this little video from World Vision together to learn more.

IMG_1881Play – Go outside and enjoy some time together. It doesn’t have to be organised or planned out. Be under the sky and thank God for all you can see. Jump in the puddles and thank God for the way he refreshes the earth. Make it simple and enjoy the time together.



I took just a few moments this morning to watch the sun rise over the Swan River. A rather peaceful way to start the day.

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