1 Week 1 Story

Doing something a little new on the blog today.
Being a family on mission to love others as we love ourselves is great to say, but I wanted a way that we can help our kids understand ‘why’ we live this way as well as share with other families how they can do something little each day to make God’s word become alive for them and their kids.

Devotions-for-Kids-About-God-and-ScienceSo a concept of 1 story for 1 week has begun!
We are taking our Inspiration for each week from Indescribable – 100 Devotions about God and Science (for kids by Louie Giglio)

This week we started ‘In the Beginning’.
At Taco Night – a fun filled Life Community that are a Thankful, Authentic, Caring Oikos (greek for Family) we told the story of Creation using the Godly Play materials. To really bring it home over the course of a week we will be looking at a Day of creation, eating something fun and asking a few questions.

Posting it here too so that others can join in with us – easy and simply enough for this working mum of 5 to actually follow through with.

Day 1 of Creation –
God separated the Light from the Dark.

What can you eat that will remind you of this?
Choc and Vanilla Ice-cream. Oreos. Top Deck chocolate. Vegemite on toast. Milo. Meat Pies. What else can you think of?

As you eat something from the above list together (or just over dinner) ask your kids/friends Why do you think God created the light?

What do you like to do in the light?
Where else does the Bible talk about light?

Here are some examples. Just pick one to read (remember, the easier this is, the more likely you are to continue the habit!)
1 John 1:5
John 1:9 or
John 8:12
We had some great discussion about walking in the light means making wise choices. Got to talking about what wise choices are which lead to remembering some of the 10 commandments. (Don’t lie, Don’t hate….all good things to mention at the end of 2 weeks holidays).

In the interest of being honest – while 3 of my kids got right into the conversation, 1 was completely preoccupied with the homemade chicken and leek pie that had been placed in front of him (how horrendous!) and made the stark contrast between living in the light and living in the dark obvious for all of us to see!

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