3 Things I hope you learnt during Foster Care Awareness Month.

May is over. I was able to post almost daily for 3 weeks out of the month which was a pretty good effort if I don’t say so myself!
Foster Care awareness month might be over but the reality is that there are more kids in care today then there was at the beginning of May.
I hope throughout the Foster Care Awareness month you were able to take away 3 things
the numbers
1 – The numbers
There are 10 primary schools worth of children in the Foster Care system in Western Australia, but probably 3 times that many who are in family arrangements with grandparents, aunts etc who do not receive the same help, training or financial support as general foster carers.






Love Instagram Post2 – Not everyone is called to be a Foster Carer but EVERYONE is called to do something.
You might not be in a place where you can say yes to taking vulnerable children into your home full time and that is ok, but what CAN you do? How can you get your family, your church or your community involved?
How can you take care of the carer? Especially grandparents in your community who are raising kids for the 2nd time.
Meals, Babysitting, Cleaning, Gardening, Mentoring or Homework help are all needed. Visit the Foster Friends page at Fosternow to register your interest once off or on a regular basis.

ark3. We all need each other but our Cornerstone in this crazy world has to be the one who created it. More and more I realise just how much I can’t do on my own and how insufficient I am at healing little peoples big wounds! But I find strength through the wise words of other carers and the prayers of others when I can’t find the right words to say. Ark Australia believes that Every Child deserves family and they advocate for people to step in to the out-of-home care world, but they also create support networks underpinned with Christian values for those involved in out-of-home care. Ark communities connect regularly (once a month) over a meal to be extended family together. There is something about hanging out with others who are dealing with the same systems, behaviours, heartbreak and overwhelming love that binds you together. The journey is better together. If you are in WA, SA or Vic and would like more info on how to be a part of an Ark Community or would like to invite Ark to speak at your church, mail info@arkaustralia.org.


To send you off feeling like you can reach your dreams, whatever they are – check out this little video. A father who has said Yes to making a rather unorthodox family and is going to extremes to let his children know that they can reach their dreams despite the circumstances that have been a part of their life thus far. (Click on the Father of 6 link below).

Father of 6

Thanks for sticking with me during #Fostercareawarenessmonth

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