Are his parents druggies?

Probably one of the biggest questions we are asked.

Once you enter the Foster Care System, you see pretty quickly how choices can have tragic consequences. Drugs, Alcohol, Domestic Violence, Prison. Children born into families that have experienced generational dysfunction. Once you have seen, you can’t unsee. Luke 4:18 has Jesus stand up and read an ancient scroll and share that he has come to proclaim release to the prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind.
I wonder if rather than imagining all of our prison walls crumbling, Jesus meant that he could free people from the captive lives they were stuck in and open their eyes, hearts and minds to see the beauty of this world.

I don’t know much about the inner lives of an addict or an abuser or why you would stay with someone that hurts you. It seems like it is a world away from my reality yet I hold in my arms a child born into that prison.

Today, I will pray for Mum’s and Dad’s who have empty arms because their children are in someone else’s. It is tough to do some days. To think of parents as broken people and too. To truly see an end to the foster care system and the generational dysfunction of so many, I have to believe that Jesus really did come to set the captives free.
always pray

“Lord, you are our deliverer. We can do anything through Christ who

 strengthens us but we must take the first step. We must realise we have a problem and a

 need, and we must ask for help. I ask Lord, that you will give each person the courage to face up to their problems and to have a strong desire to change.
We ask for healing in families torn apart by addiction, violence, abuse and neglect. We ask for protection for those family members, especially children,  that are in harm’s way because of their loved one. Our whole community suffers because of these choices. Pour out your grace, mercy and healing power over our community.

May the chains be broken today. Set the captives free and begin that healing that only you can bring. Let us bring hope, your hope, to give a vision of what life can be like for a person freed from pain and addiction. Lord, for every need spoken or unspoken, you know them all, we ask for provision.
May today be a life altering day of change.

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