Who holds you up?

I voluntarily work for a Ministry Organisation called MOPS – Mother’s of Preschoolers.
Globally MOPS believes that Better Mums make a Better World. The action of sitting down regularly with a group of women who are spit up stained and tired with Wiggles songs running around their heads helps to bring some perspective to your stage of life. MOPS endeavours to equip and empower mums to reach their potential as a woman, mother and leader.

mirandaI love getting to travel to different MOPS groups across the metro area and hear mums stories of triumph and tragedy while they parent kids under 6. It is in these vulnerable moments that I hear of how one woman was lifted up by the others sharing the table with her. There is something to be said about regularly sharing a coffee and chocolate (there is always chocolate at MOPS) with someone and discussing all the big and little aspects of life that authentically builds healthy relationships. Over and Over I have experienced or witnessed the tough times in a woman’s life and how it is often the one time strangers that she meet at MOPS who become her safety net. Who hold out a hand to stop a mum and her family from quickly spiralling out of control.

I often wonder what happened in the mum that I share a child with’s life to make things spiral out of control. Is it generational? Was it an event? Did she have a safety that of people that were ready to catch her? Was she vulnerable enough to let others in to help?
I probably will never know but I am very thankful for ministries like MOPS that are providing the space for women to be who they are. To show up as they can and receive what they need.

MOPS Australia has a blog that today has shared the Diary of a Foster Mum.
Take a minute to like their MOPS Australia Facebook page too and if you would like more info on joining a MOPS or starting one in your church, take a look here or get in touch.

Foster care awareness month

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