People you should get to know

Foster care awareness monthIf you are a Foster carer, support person, social worker, Pastor or interested in learning more, there are some voices in the foster care community that you should be following!

Here are 5 digital spaces that will leave you inspired, encouraged, convicted and sometimes just plain broken hearted.
1 – Jason Johnson – Perhaps known best for his video that went viral,  ‘The hope of One caring Adult in the life of a child’.
Jason was a former foster child, a writer, global youth empowerment expert and speaker. He writes that statistically he should be dead, in jail or homeless – that every child is either a statistic or a success story and the difference between the two is 1 caring adult. Follow him on Facebook too.

2 – The Forgotten Initiative. This is from the US but I LOVE the podcasts, the encouragement and the idea that to tackle the beast of the foster care system you need to do it in community and support foster caring families, Bless and pray for social workers, take care of vulnerable adults (ageing out of the foster care system and families at risk of entering the system) and recruit more homes for children to feel love, safe and accepted. If you are a carer, subscribe to their podcasts. If you are a church leader, look through this and keep an eye on this blog on how you and your church can get involved in something similar in Australia.

3 – A newer find but I am loving the authenticity of This Hard Calling. The posts are stories of motherhood and foster care. There is the inevitable heartbreak that comes with loving the vulnerable but truth that it isn’t all a fairytale either. You can follow on Facebook here.

4 – Foster the Family another fabulous, great looking blog.
Categories include books to read with your kids, gifts that give and giveaways.
Desperate stories of hope and pain. Encouragement for the hard moments and a podcast.
Check out her Facebook page too.

5 – Finally one based in Australia! Ark Australia knows that Every Child is worth it. Not so much a blog but certainly a growing presence in the Foster Care world in Australia that is focussed on supporting fostering families and creating extended families through intentional communities for kids in care and on recruiting and working with the department to ensure fostering families are retained through strong healthy relationships. I am flying to Melbourne this weekend to learn more about Ark and how we fit into their future.

Enjoy these links. I hope they provide you with encouragement, some perspective and hope.

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