Does God care?

I had a chance to speak at King Eddy last year and as a part of my talk I shared that the midwives were there because of The Church. You make think that that is an overstatement but if you look back through history it tells the story of a group of people living differently to the rest because they believe in a Merciful God. I am not a Theology Major but I am of the understanding that the phrase ‘For God so Loved the World’ would have sent shock waves through the people in that era because the prevailing  thought was ‘You get what you deserve.’
There was a belief of many different god’s who were morally deficient, disinterested in world affairs and modelled zero mercy to humans or each other. This was the thinking of the time when Jesus walked on Earth and the years after He died.
A God that showed Mercy was absurd. So a God who loved the world? Ridiculous!

But I believe that Jesus, God in human form came to earth and not only told us that ‘For God so Loved the World….’ but he also said ‘Let the Little Children come to Me’. You see kids in that day and age were nothing. Until a child could show that they could be utilised they had no value. So Jesus saying, “Let the Little Children come to me” changed the the perception of those who followed him and thousands of years later, we all believe that yes, Kids matter.

So that meant that those who were Christ Followers thousands of years ago, the Ecclesia, or what we now call the Church, they not only valued the life of those who belonged to them but each life. They would see a body in the street and say, “That belongs to us. We are going to give that body a dignified burial because that life matters.” They would sift through refuse piles and find the children, often little girls that had been abandoned and then take them home as their own because, “this child matters. This child will be my child.” These followers of Christ lived patently absurd lives. They ran towards trouble. The whole of human history since that point has meant we have created hospitals, orphanages, systems like foster care that place a value on all life.

matt 25

The next few days we will look at ways that the Church can help children in care and the families that take care of them.

Foster care awareness month

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