So how many kids are we talking about…

Foster Care?
Surely there are only a few extreme cases where kids are needed to be removed from their parents. Right?

Here are the stats (taken from a Wanslea Presentation in October 2017)

the numbers

4600 children.
That is about 10 primary schools worth of children.
This number doesn’t include the 1000’s more who are in kinship placements without the department’s involvement.

Last year, The Sunday Times reported that there were 873 foster care families.
The math 4600 children / 873 families = 5.2 kids per family.
Not particularly ideal. Yes, there are carers waiting with no kids. Yes, there are carers with 8 kids from different families. I don’t begin to understand why the department makes some of the decisions that they do. What I try to focus on is sharing that each child needs the best home for them. That might be in a big family, that might be with older carers, that might be with a single woman, or with siblings.

The numbers are staggering.
Each number is a story.
A child who is missing the very people who brought them into existence.
A future with so much in question.

Can you #fosternow

Foster care awareness month

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