Squirt. Squirt.

I have a story I want to tell you.

One night there was a fire at a house. The firemen were called but when they got there they couldn’t get to the fire because a crowd had gathered infront of the house. They were standing their with their water pistols. Not the giant supersoakers, just normal, red dot size ones and they were all looking at the fire and every now and then going ‘squirt, squirt’. Squirting their water pistols towards the flames.

The firemen stood their and yelled “Get out of the way”. The crowd stood there, ‘squirt, squirt’. The fireman yells again “You’re not doing any good! Move!”

The crowd goes “Squirt, squirt”.

The firemen get really angry, “You need to move! You need to let us in so that we can put out the fire”. The crowd look at them and someone speaks up. “We are doing the best we can. We mean well. Besides, it feels good to know that we tried.”

We can have all the good intentions we want about loving like Jesus but if Loving like Jesus is just a small part of our lives, something we do on Sundays or that we fit around the edges of our lives it is like standing in front of a fire with a water pistol.

There are people dying of hunger and drowning on their way to safe refuge from war torn countries. We ‘share’ a facebook post or sign a petition. Squirt, Squirt.

There are people in our homes, our community that are desperately lonely. We ask once a year “R U OK?” Squirt. Squirt.

There are children, the most vulnerable in our community, living in homes that are supposed to be safe and we get outraged when it turns out that they are not. We ask for tougher checks and higher penalties. We say “someone needs to do something!” Squirt. Squirt.

The stories that are coming out of the Detention Centres, a place that is filled with people who have experienced the worst kinds of trauma, are enough to break our hearts. We march, we vote, We write about it. It can be so hard to even14231836_10205512551448150_168176024008755364_o know where to begin. Squirt. Squirt.

Our schools, workplaces and Streets are overwhelmingly full of people who are far from God. Who right now have a Christless Eternity. We drop a hint that we go to church on Sundays or if we are really brave, tell them that we will pray for them when they are sick or hurting. Squirt. Squirt.

Let’s stop squirting our water pistols at the big problems. What is it that you are passionate about? Who else is around you that shares that heart? What is a problem close to you that connects? Make that your mission field. We have seen one man 11228939_10153016371642237_2923754276295246533_owho took a stand to Sex trafficking and the horrible abuse of children in south east Asia, often at the hands of Australian men and he has not just made a difference, he is making the world different for those children and hopefully for our sons too. He simply got a few mates around to play Ping Pong. And then shared his idea with someone else who thought ‘I could do that too’. And now just 6 years later they have nearly made half a million dollars to educate society on what is happening and engage men and the wider community to say that it is not ok. Plus they are supporting children, families and whole communities recover from sexual exploitation. (You can sponsor my little man in the 2016 Ping Pong a thon here.)


What is it that you are here to do to experience what it is like to be a part of God fire hosing blazes that are destroying our world?


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