An inconvenient life

After 6 years of being a foster family I am more convicted that it is not about us,                not primarily about creating a family for foster carers or that foster carers are “Amazing” people.
Fostering is an inconvenient life.

From keeping a room spare in your house to the questions and stares of strangers.             As I snuggle a beautiful pink bundle my heart breaks anew for a family that will never be.
For a child that will one day ask ‘Why, what did I do”.
For a Mother whose choices I can not fathom yet who I want to meet and hug and whisper to her that it is ok, I have and will continue to love your child just as I know you do.

For a world that has lost its way so badly that this is not only commonplace, but we have no answers on how to stop it.

Today I am reminded that it is not about me and what we do.

It is about being a part of turning back to God, loving the vulnerable and being peace in a stormy life.



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