The boy who made me a mum

Not to be outdone by his sister, having turned 6 yesterday, Adley requested a ‘letter like you made for Nevaeh with the things you love about me, and there needs to be 6 things cause I am six now!’

Of course, I always intended to write Adley a letter too. He is the boy who gave me the name mum.


Adley, you have taught me more then anyone else what it means to be a mum. More then any book, more then any other person, more then any blog I could read, or show I could watch, it has been your every breathe, every tear you have shed, every question you have asked and every hug you have shared that has lead made me the mum that I am.

There are some moments that I really am not proud of. Times when I have exasperated your tears and the hurt you feel instead of making it all better. Or times when I have let you down, forgetting that you are still my baby and expecting more of you then I should. I just pray that in these moments that I have failed you that you that you are too young to remember them or that the good moments outweigh the bad moments. 

There are many things I am proud of too. Your ability to learn and question to find out more…I hope I helped to teach you that. The times you make me proudest though and when you show your love to others when you think no one is watching. Like when the littlest boy in your class fell over and you stopped and helped him up, calling your teachers for help Or when you got a certificate at school but the smile you saved for when your best friend got one too, a smile full of utter excitement and delight.

But let’s step back to the day you were born, your birthday. You entered the world screaming, your dad was the one who told me that we have a son.
47b7d903b3127cce87bdfe42eac100000026100FYsnDVuxY8 You were much awaited for, making your dad and I as well as Grandma and uncle Jon and Aunty Jekka wait 24 hours in the hospital to meet you.

you were loved right from the start. I knew this was what I was put on this earth for, to be your mum. So here are 6 things I love about you, one for each year you have been my son and I have been your mum.

1- Your first year of life was just that; a year full of firsts. Our first mums group, first smiles, first plane ride first cold…you took it all in your stride. You weren’t such a happy baby, but a content baby. You were rather serious but you were happy to sit and watch the world pass you by. I loved watching you with your first friends, playing with Alex and Kaylee was our favourite thing to do and ending the day with a story made my day complete.

fall leaves

2- when you turned one your little personality started to grow. That was the first time we realised how loyal you are. Your uncle Brendan introduced you to the Wiggles, and that was the end of that. From then on all we heard about was ‘toot toot red car’. We soon knew all the words and owned what could have been our own private Wiggles merchandise store. Your love for the wiggles lasted well beyond this year, but it encapsulated you so fully…and since then other things have come close, but not to the extent of your absolute love, obsession and loyalty to the wiggles. I think it was your wiggly hips in the shower that I loved the most!


3- You were an easy two year old. No crazy terrible twos that I can recall. Every night we would read ‘sheep book’ together,
“it’s time for bed little goose, little goose. The stars are out and on the loose.”
You would give us concerts with your guitar and spend hours reciting lines from the Wiggles. My favourite was when you would wake us up, “oh no, mummy has gone to sleep. When I count to 3 it’s time to wake mummy up, ready? 1, 2, 3! Wake up mummy!”
How I love play acting with you!


4- At 3 you had a growing sense of independence, which for you meant a need to express yourself using your whole body. Your mouth, your hands, your feet…all needed to be used at the same time. Your sense of self was growing and you became a fantastic little helper. Helping mummy cook pancakes, clean up and of course helping ‘pa’ with anything he needed. We took a big trip when you were 3, and I will so fondly remember you playing in the snow with Uncle Jon and his jump leads pulling you along on the sled. Your sweetness grew in this year and the way you took care of me when I was sick I will always be thankful for.


5 – The year you were 4 was a big year for you, you became a big brother again and started school. Your loyalty and curiosity grew and so did your need to move your whole body! I love the way you played with your baby brother…even if you did squeeze him a little too tight. I love that you love to learn, that you are excited about finding out about all the little things that make the world work.


6 – Being 5 meant that your little world got busier and busier. Now we had school everyday and places to go after school. Your loyalty to your friends and the things that you love were still so paramount. I’m sorry for the times I didn’t answer your questions as well as I should have and for the moments your constant noise drove me a little insane but but I love the big boy you became and the generosity you shared. Sharing mummy with others comes so easily to you, but those moments we stole together, just the two of us reading or learning something new were so special.


And now that you are 6 and need two hands to count the years I am looking forward to a whole new start for us as we learn together everyday. I am so pleased that you are so excited about homeschooling, I hope I don’t let you down. I can’t wait to be there as you make discoveries about yourself and to watch your relationship with your brother and sister grow. I hope the loyalty you have shown your friends transfers to your family and that as you grow you, Nevaeh and Caden will be best friends forever.
Thanks for your forgiving heart…you are my first baby, the one I get to make all my mistakes with but so far, I don’t think we have done too bad.
I love you Adley, always have, always will.


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