My girl

My girl, you arrived as a tiny screaming bundle, with a head full of soft dark hair.

just born
just born
Your tiny little body snuggled to my breast was how you liked to be and where you stayed until you were two! You were the most perfect newborn, concentrating on growing so you fed and slept and gave us the most fantastic false sense of security that we were the best parents ever! We came crumbling back to earth as you decided to wake up, and being awake became your life mission! Since those early days we have watched you blossom into the sweetest, most stubborn, kind hearted, thoughtful, confident and loving little girl.

Seeing as you turned four today I thought I would share four things that I love about you For each year you have spent with us

DSC052611- As a baby you grew fast. You may have started below average but your love of milk soon fixed that. Your little cheeks grew red and rosy, and your thighs went from chicken wings to lovely pudgy rolls (the only time in your life when fat thighs is cute!) you loved your big brother, just his presence would bring a smile to your face. 

2- IMG_4138after you turned one, you mastered the whinging toddler! Your magic beads became my best friend (amber teething necklace). I loved that you would come, nestle on my lap and help yourself to a feed. Not all would, and some thought it odd/wrong but that I could still feed you and settle you instantly and that you wanted to be with me was special.
3- lovieswhen you were two you started to ask me to lie down with you. Reading, cuddling or going to sleep. My favourite part of the day was when you would get your little arm and wrap it around my neck and squeeze me close.
4-DSCN8581 as a 3 year old your confidence grew exponentially. You went from my shy little girl who would cower at my knee to disturbing your ballet class by sharing whatever is on your mind! You also became our little organiser. Knowing where everything is and taking care of the needs of everyone else! Running a ted or a dummy to a crying baby, a little mummy in the making, although don’t tell you that!
This year, know that your are four, and far bigger then when you were 3, as you have told me many times in the last two days, I am looking forward to you growing in knowledge and engaging with the people around you. You are so eager to learn, ‘reading’ every night, sounding out each letter on each page, yet not stringing the words together. I am still mesmerised by the cuteness and your ability to do so, although as time goes on, I’m looking forward to you actually telling me a story! Your love for your brothers is amazing and I know they drive you crazy at times (and they always will) but I want you to be best friends.

My baby girl, you are so like me, maybe in looks as others say but certainly in your love of babies, your moods, the way you sing all day and love movies with ‘kids’ in them.
I am so beyond blessed to be your mummy. My heart walks around with you, wherever you go. I pray each day, each hour, each moment that you will be kept safe always and will be the best that you can be.

Happy 4th birthday baby girl xx

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