Making some changes on facebook

I love social media. It is a great tool for keeping in contact, being informed, reaching out to others BUT it is also a way to be lazy in your friendships and idle away precious hours.

At times I have fasted from Facebook, taken some time out and that has been great. But I don’t want to ‘delete’ my facebook account as I have so many friends that live all over the world and the reality is, if facebook didn’t exist, we probably would have lost contact by now. However, I can not count the times that people I see locally from time to time have said ‘I saw on facebook that you were…’ and I gotta be honest, this has started to irritate me. I have probably said it myself too.

Having facebook at your fingertips can mean that relationships forged through conversation and doing life together are now replaced by many skin deep or one sided friendships. I am so guilty of just checking in with people through their status updates or a quick message here and there, while this holds some merit, it definitely doesn’t make me friend of the year. There is something about picking up the phone and spending some time actually talking to someone in need rather then a little message on the spur of the moment that speaks volumes to people. 

Yes, facebook is great for mums to know that they aren’t the only ones having a bad day, but it is equally damaging to see how ‘great’ others lives are. I have a friend who talks (actually talks, not puts as her status) that says what you share on facebook is your highlights reel compared to what is on the edit room floor.

So as I am an all or nothing person…I can’t seem to manage to delete my account, or just check in every fews days….or not share anything either but I desire to have meaningful relationships with those around me and not have the easy access and face value friendships that facebook allows. Life can be lonely, even with 278 friends…a ‘like’ just isn’t the same as a hug or a coffee with someone.

So here is my plan. I am going to be ‘unfriending’ those of you who live in the same city as me. I know this is harsh….but I am doing this because I actually want to have a relationship with you. There are some that I know I will no longer really see or hear from, but to be honest, we probably don’t really chat much already and it isn’t fair or right to be peeking into each others lives.

For friends that live far away, if you are willing to share some of your life with me, I would love to share some of my life with you through photos and updates on what we are doing. If you don’t want me to know what is going on with you….take this opportunity to ‘unfriend’ me….I won’t mind.

Some of you won’t get this (pretty sure my husband will think this is a stupid idea!) but that is ok. This is a step I am taking to ensure I am keeping myself in check, not just about how much time I spend on facebook but about how real I am being to those around me.

Looking forward to some phonecalls, or emails, or do the old fashion thing and just drop into my house! You may find it in a shambles but that is real life.


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