Something different

I have always done things differently. Just check with my mum 🙂 She is still bemused that at 9 months old I got up and walked…determined that a little thing like age wasn’t going to hold me back.

Since that first literal step, I have continued to walk my own path. I coached my first netball team when I was 12, rode my bike to school (from canning vale to Subiaco) dressed in all my eagles gear to raise money from a children’s hospital when I was 15. I moved to America a day after turning 18 to look after other people’s children. I got married to a foreign guy in a foreign country and went back to uni after having my 3rd child. I know some have thought me crazy for some of my decisions. My mum openly says I am the nut in the family. I try to make my decisions with thought, not just for the immediate gratification but for the long term. i don’t always, I can get pretty stubborn (just ask rick), but for the most part I can look back on my 28 and a bit years and see how the big and seemingly insignificant times that I have chosen to make my own path have most often worked out the best. 


I feel my story changes though when it comes to my kids. There is something that just yells out that i can’t choose a different path for them because then they will miss out on ‘normal’ kid experiences.

There is such a power that if we go outside the status quo of raising children we will be running the risk of putting them in danger.

But in danger of what? Some would have us believe that our kids are programmed to walk a very specific path and if we stray they will be the ones who suffer. Our kids will miss out on be coming independent, social skills, vital education at the right school with the right teacher. We need to expose them the some pre written story that has proven to be fool proof. I am sure we can all agree that  not every kid  who follows this path turns out just as they ‘should’.


in a book I was reading to Nevaeh the other night it quoted Philippians 4:8

“whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are good, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things”

Sometimes the path that is already trodden is not the path of justice, but of what is accepted. Sometimes this path isn’t lovely and pure it is tired, impatient and angry. But because this is ‘just the way it is’ we tread along, not daring to question because of course…we want what is best for our kids.

Sometimes it is the journey others haven’t taken that is going to bring out the best in your child. Now to just be brave enough to not listen to the fear of others and to start letting my kids put their own stamp on their journey, and on this stage I just need to pick where the path starts.Image.

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