1 year on

My gorgeous little boy, today you turned 1.

It has been a year since you made your quick entry into the world.

A year of laughs, kisses and hugs.

Some sleepless nights, sickness and tears too, but I expected all that.

In the last year you have brought so much joy to us, not just to me but your whole family.

You made your sister a ‘big sister’ and boy has she taken on the role with gusto. She is an expert at finding dummies and teddies, giving you cuddles and sharing her lunch (or yummy snack) with you.

Your big brother just wants to make you laugh. He will do anything, make any noise or run anywhere to get a giggle out of you. His first words to you were ‘One day we will have bunk beds’, and now you are on your way, sharing a room together.

You are living up to your name. Being Peaceful and a Fighter is hard to do, but you take life in your stride. Easy going, loving and ready to smile…until you really, really want something, then you will make a big deal about it.

You aren’t in a hurry to grow up, which mummy is truly thankful for. At 1 you have just started to crawl, and even then, you will still just sit and wait. Somehow you still manage to get into things though! 

You give the best kisses (shhhh…don’t tell daddy!) and I love snuggling with you. I haven’t minded the many wake up calls in the night, or the fact that I have shared my bed with you for most of the last 12 months because you are just the sweetest little guy.

Caden, you are God’s gift to me. I love just as I love your big brother and sister. You are all so precious. I hope I can be the mummy you need, peaceful and a fighter when I need to be.

Take care my little one. Don’t rush to get moving. I will carry you for as long as I am able! Be patient and kind this year as you learn so many new things. You have grow so much already but from here we will really get to know you.


A year on since your arrival, the most perfect entrance into the world, a room full of love that has continued to be filled with love and where you have grown from a slippery, little ball to a bumbling little boy. We love you Caden. Happy 1st Birthday.


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