Hopes for a better Australia

Australia Day weekend is a time relax, watch the sky light up, argue over if we should change our flag and of course have a drink (or two…unless you are a pregnant/breastfeeding mum and cordial is as strong as you can go!)

Yesterday, I must say…I wan’t feeling super duper to be ‘straylian’.

We live in a beautiful country that stretches the extremes to the max! Just think of the east coast at the moment, half on fire and the other half under water!

My hopes for a better Australia for my children would include;

– A place of true welcoming. Where a mum wouldn’t give birth to her child in a detention centre. As a doula I hear a large amount of talk about birth choices. I absolutely agree that woman should have the right to make an informed choice. Why should this choice have a border? Most mother’s I know would do anything to give their children the best. I can only imagine the horrors mothers have witnessed and been a part of to spend all of their money and risk putting them and their children (born and unborn) through an unknown journey to a foreign land. Seeing as it is Australia day weekend and if we think back to the first men and women to make the journey over sea to Australia, they weren’t the rich and educated, they were those who were escaping persecution, albeit sometimes just, but other times much harsher then the ‘crime’ called for. My hope is that politicians would be Compassionate, would stretch their minds to wonder how they would respond under persecution and the limits they would go for their children. My hope is that mandatory detention for families would be abolished and we would become a welcoming nation that stops hiding behind fear and begins to discover new ways of showing love.

– A place of Justice. I have thought about justice for a while and I am slowly coming to some understanding of what it means and ultimately, in many cases we will now know justice until Jesus’ return. There are some things that make my blood boil. The lack of respect many Australians have to others and the attitude of individual rights that trump community needs, can really disgust me. An example of this is Matthew Butcher, the policeman who was headbutted in 2008 and who’s assailants were found not guilty. Justice wasn’t served in this instance. I wonder if justice will done for little Nate Dunbar. The need for justice is only their because of a lack of respect to others. People’s poor choices consistently put others at risk. If the government can claim that mandatory detention is a deterrent for asylum seekers (which isn’t illegal), surely it can stretch the mind to conceive that mandatory detention for those who conduct illegal activities would be a deterrent. I don’t think this will solve all problems but I would hope that it will save some heart ache.

– Less binge drinking….far far less.

– A church that is living outside of its box. Not just a single church….but the Church of Australia, all believers living a life that truly resembles Jesus. So much more to say….but that will do for now.

– An ozone layer….so every time we go outside, I don’t discover new freckles on my little ones noses


I am sure my list could go on. But as it is getting late and the words on the screen are now meshing together (and most importantly because I have a little boy turning 1 tomorrow to wake up to bright and early!!!) I will sign off with my hopes and go to bed praying for the hurting mums, those who have lost their babies far to early and those who just want a life without fear for their babies. 

Happy Australia Day (weekend) everyone! Enjoy the public holiday

Hope and Peace




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