Water awareness

In September we kept track of our number 1’s and 2’s as part of TEAR’s dunny money campaign. Adley deemed himself the toilet police and after hearing a flush, he would be outside the door ready to interrogate whoever the flushing culprit was! No one was exempt for his questions, visitors and even Caden’s nappies were gone over 🙂
So dunny money had another positive effect, other then teaching the kids that the use of a toilet is a privilege not a right, adley learnt about bathroom etiquette and manners 🙂

As a follow on from dunny money. We are continuing too talk about how water is a precious resource both here at home and throughout the developing world. The kids and I are creating a water picture project to see all the places we use or encounter water everyday.

Checking out the low levels in the dams and at the lake in Yearling[caption id="attachment_416" align="alignleft" width="610"] We also got our science (very basic…that is what mummy can handle at the moment) on. Cooton wool was clouds, light and fluffy to start with Then Then they hovered on top of the water and got wet and heavy. Of course then they began to ‘rain’ Wet messy fun
Its raining its pouring, the old man is snoring…

My hope in following this project up is to remind ourselves and to teach the kids the importance of water and to thank God for the water we have and what it enables is to do.

I think we will go back and learn more about water again and where it comes from, what impacts it has and how we need to use it wisely but we will leave it for now as we will be spending the next month learning about Thanksgiving.

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