Compassionate kids

sending hugs to the little girl who will own this doll
I have good kids. No actually, I have Great kids. Kids that make me proud so often. Today I overheard Adley talking with his Grandma about what they could do with some extra money they were hoping to win from a photo competition, Adley says, ‘maybe we can give it to the people who don’t have enough money.’.
The statement is so sweet and something I was so proud of but it isn’t just an answer to him. He really means it. Which means he also believes that he is one of those people who has ENOUGH.he has enou

Now we aren’t really raking it in but we have everything we need. I struggle with the desire to give my kids the best of everything and the call to live a life of justice, loving mercy and walking humbly. (micah6:8). I strive to strike a balance, and hearing Adley say this completely uncoached has been a whisper to my soul that some days I have the balance right.
That is what I want this blog is to be about, Nurturing my beautiful family to be generous and compassionate as we grow to reach each of our God given potentially. I will share projects, discoveries, encouragement and ask you questions on how to raise kids and parents who are thoughtful, considerate and empathetic to the needs of others in our world.

Later this week I will share an update on how we went with ‘Dunny money’ from September and the water project we are doing.

Blessings to ya xx

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