Are you a pinner?

Writing on this blog has been interesting. I started it years ago, left it for a while and then found it again at the beginning of this year. I have let myself be vulnerable, probably saying to much about myself and my thoughts on certain things but I hope I have helped someone to smile, or made someone’s day a little brighter or given them hope for a better day. Some days i have wondered if opening myself up so much is a good thing but other days I get to share fun stories, or I am inspired by another mum from somewhere in the world to be better. It is amazing to see that people from all over have found my little blog, we live in such a small world (I bet you have ‘It’s a small workd after all’ in your head now! You didn’t….well I’ sure you do now 🙂

You may have picked up that i love the work of Compassion. There are some fabulous organisations out there that are helping those most in need, but I have chosen to support Compassion and a few years ago I made a commitment to be an advocate for children. It took me a while to actually say that I would be an advocate, after all….I was already supporting a child, working with kids and had been around kids forever. I didn’t know if becoming an advocate would make much difference at all, or if it would mean I would have to add stuff into my already hectic life. Deciding to actually become an advocate happened very simply, I picked up a magnet at a Compassion event. That was it. The magnet say’s “I’m committed” and it sits on my fridge, so every day, every hour (and if Nevaeh had her way multiply times in an hour), I go to the fridge and see the magnet and remember that I am committed. I’ve committed to speaking out for kids, both locally and globally. I’ve committed to giving my kids the best, which includes praying that they will have hearts of generosity. Basically, I’ve committed to doing all the things I was already doing but in a more intentional way.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, I took a challenge to be a Compassion blogger for this month. I was already blogging, and I love the work of Compassion and I have committed to speaking up for kids in all ways as often as I can.
I also really love Pinterest (it can be rather addictive!) Do you know you can pin ideas for your sponsor child on Pinterest? I have started a board but I have gotten heaps of ideas from Compassion’s board

Contest!!! Compassion International is having a contest on Pinterest. If you are a pinner, get on there and like my pin and create your own board to win your sponsor child’s family $100. I would love $100 but imagine the difference that would make to a family living in poverty.
So go to my board and like Pin it for my sponsored child button.
Then create your own board with the Pin it for my sponsored child button and enter through the Compassion link.
Let’s share the pinterest love! Get people thinking about more then how to clean out their (overstocked *) pantry and about how they can show love practically to God’s little children.

*The reference to the overstocked pantry is to no one but myself…It has just taken me a couple of hours to sort mine out, it is beautiful now though 🙂

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