Dear Joseph

Dear Joseph
I want to tell you a story. It is one of Adley’s favourites.
It has a hero (as all good stories should) and a villian. It has triumphs over hardships and funny things that happen along the way. It is about a boy named Richmond.

“Not that long ago, in a country not far from yours, there lived a little boy named Richmond. Richmond went to school and played with his sister and his friends until one day something terrible happened. Richmond came home from school and someone had hurt his daddy very badly. Richmond was very sad. He wasn’t able to go to school anymore, his mummy would cry, he had to move out of his home and sometimes his tummy would ache.

One day Richmond was outside with his sister. They were washing their clothes and his sister put her skirt down to dry. Later when she put her skirt back on and twirled around Richmond could see her bottom! Ants had eaten the back of his little sister’s skirt! Richmond knew he had to fix this! He wanted to make his sister happy, and he didn’t want her to be walking around with a cold bottom! Richmond went to the market to find a new skirt for his sister. He found the perfect one! It had her favourite colours and would make a beautiful twirl. Richmond picked up the skirt and went to give it to his sister. BUT…the man at the market wasn’t very happy. Richmond had no money for the skirt and even though the man had lots of skirts and Richmond only wanted one, the man wouldn’t give Richmond the skirt. Poor Richmond. He had to stay at the market and sweep all the floors and still, he wasn’t allowed a skirt.
Richmond wouldn’t give up though. He knew his sister needed a new skirt and he knew that he had to help her! The next day Richmond went to some houses and found a house with lots and lots of skirts hanging out to dry. He found one that was even prettier then the one at the market, this one had sparkles and was pink (because all girls like pink). Richmond had a look around, this time being sure that no one was watching. When he was certain that no one would see him and that no one would miss the skirt he darted through the washing lines, jumping over a bush and going around an old bike and he grabbed the skirt. He ran all the way home with the skirt, back to his sister without stopping. Richmond gave the skirt to his sister who hugged her big brother so tightly. She didn’t know all the trouble Richmond had gone to get the skirt, but she knew that he loved her.

Richmond kept growing. His tummy still ached and he still wasn’t able to go to school. Until one day when someone came to look for him. The man from the church down the road told Richmond’s mum that there was a girl who wanted to be Richmond’s friend. She lived in America, and wasn’t much older then Richmond but she was able to go to school and she wanted Richmond to go to school to. The next week, Richmond go to go to the Dr, he started school and he started to learn about God. Richmond’s little sister did too…and guess what else! She got another new skirt!
Richmond heard about God’s love. A love that meant he sacrificed himself for someone else. A little bit like how Richmond had gotten in to big trouble for trying to find a new skirt for his little sister that he loved.
As he grew up Richmond asked God to be his friend and he got to know God by talking to him everyday. He read his Bible and he asked lots of questions. Because Richmond had a new friend in America, his tummy didn’t ache anymore because he had yummy food to eat and when he was sick he was able to visit the Dr.
Now Richmond is a grown up man. He has traveled to many places to tell people about God’s love. He teaches other people how to talk to God and how to read the Bible and he wants to make his country a better place to live. Richmond has a new friend now too, a little boy who lives not far away from him who used to have an achy tummy and couldn’t go to school. But now, with Richmond as his friend the little boy is so happy.
And guess what….his little sister got another new skirt! This time it was a skirt to wear to her wedding!”

Adley loves this story. I think he likes the part about the ants eating her skirt the most and how Richmond is his sister’s hero because he doesn’t give up. I hope Adley grows up to be like Richmond. Do you like this story?

Joseph we are proud of you. We love that you are a part of our family and we are looking forward to seeing what you do with your life.
All our love, your Australian family.

*I have taken on a challenge to be a part of Compassion’s blog month. To find out more about Compassion in Australia check out their website, if you are anywhere else in this amazing world, check this link out


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