Dunny money!

If I had a dollar for every nappy I’ve changed I would be a millionaire! Well maybe not…but I would be rich, I’m sure of it!

We are taking up a challenge and I would love for you to join us. This is a great way to help teach your littlies that some of the basics we take for granted aren’t everywhere.
Basics like a toilet!
Running water too but this challenge has everyone talking about what goes on in the toilet.

Until I was a mum I was a little shy talking about number 1’s and 2’s, still not my favorite conversation topic but yet I probably spend half my day talking about the toilet, worrying about bowel movements, cleaning up bowel movements, discussing other children’s toilet habits with other mums who used to be sophisticated women who would talk of economics and fashion over coffee but now share stories of bed wetting and explosive poos (you know, the kind that go up the nappy, through all the clothes, into the hair and undoubtedly all over your best top).

Here are some dunny facts for you to know.
– 2.5 billion people don’t have access to any form of improved sanitation.
– 3000 children under 5 a day could be saved with the use of a toilet that improves the risk of preventable illnesses
– Girls education will be improved. During that ‘time of the month’ if there is no where to go to the toilet in private to clean themselves, many girls just don’t go to school.

So what is the dunny money challenge?
For every time you do a number 1 or number 2, you donate money during the month of September. How much is up to you. Could be $1 for number 1’s and $2 for number 2’s. We are doing 10 cents and 20 cents because with all 5 of us doing it, I think we would be broke at the end of the month!

The money is then donated to TEAR Australia.
Did you know, for every $1 spent on improving sanitation and hygiene in the developing world, roughly $8 is returned through reduced illness and health care costs! So counting your wee’s and poo’s is even economical! 🙂
Get the kids involved. We have made a ‘Dunny Money’ money box (that will not be living in the toilet…rather out on the coffee table for the kids to put their money in AFTER they have washed their hands!)

For more information about the Millenium Development Goals (this is particular to goal number 7 – improve sanitation) check out the UN page or Micah challenge.

So who is up for the challenge?? Start tomorrow, still 30 days in September to go. Let’s see who’s house goes the most 🙂

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