Confessions of a good mum #1

Like all good mums, I still mess up daily! Sometimes badly, sometimes in ways I would rather forget and sometimes just by doing something stupid? I have confidence, and I hope it isn’t seen as arrogance, that despite my misgivings, I am all in all a good mum. My measure of this will be different to yours, but we each have a expectations of ourselves and our families and that is for us to decide. I just ask that you respect my definition of what it is to be a ‘good’ mum.

Anyway, back to my confession.
Today, I took my gorgeous kids to the park to enjoy the sunshine and to let my budding t-ball player wack the ball around. Nevaeh took her new hula hoop and we had a great time pretending to be rhythmic gymnasts! Clever mummy decided that it would be fun to roll the hula hoop down the bridge…that was until the beloved hula hoop rolled right through the bars and into the lake! Ohhhhh dear. Now I had one very very sad little girl on my hands and a hula hoop heading slowly towards the middle of the lake!

We watched for a while, and then with much consoling and apologising I told nevaeh we would get a new one. Adley said he would make a boat to go into the lake to get the hula hoop. So sweet.
Anyway, we went to the shops and no hoops. On way back we went passed the lake and what do you know the hoop wasnear the edge on the other side of the lake.

Losing the hoop isn’t my entire confession though. When we got home I popped Caden to bed and while doing so Nevaeh convinced daddy to go to the lake to get the hoop. When they came home with the hoop, she was so excited and told the story over and over how “daddy had got the noodle and put the stick into the end and reached out, and he got it”. Now here is where I admit, I was a little sad, jealous, disappointed….silly I know and I put on an Oscar winning performance so Nevaeh would have no idea. Really if I didn’t confess to it here, no one would know, but I think it can be good for good mums to share the not so good every now and then. I was sad, jealous and disappointed because I like being the hero! I love it when my kids are pleased and excited to tell of the time mummy did this, and mummy saved the day when…
But during Nevaeh recounting the story for th 5th time, I heard a little whisper in my heart, “a little girl needs her daddy to be the hero so that she can grow up knowing that her daddy will always be there for her”. I can’t argue with that. So I confess, I threw the beloved hoop in the water, was jealousbthatbitvwasn’t me who saved the day but was reminded how important the love of a daddy is for a little girl. Every girl deserves a hero and my girl is lucky to have a wonderful daddy to be her’s.

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