Have you heard about the different types of Volcanoes and how they can compare to your anger? Something along the lines of the constantly spewing lava volcano where you are always making hurtful/angry comments. Then there is the simmering away until you just explode kind of volcano, but it is the kind that simmers for months or years until it can take it no more and then erupts causing all kinds of damage in its path! I think there is another kind but it eludes me at the moment.
This isn’t a post about anger or how to manage it…just one about volcanoes but it made me think back to the Mops talk and I thought I would share!

This morning we wagged Church and made volcanoes to go in Dinosaur land instead (we really skipped because Caden has Bronchiolitis and was too sick to go in the nursery or in the lovely cold auditorium and he needed a decent sleep)

So here are some pics of Dinosaur land volcano’s.

Little volcano made out of empty medicine jar and a little bit of playdough

First go
and again
missed the jar!

Checking it all out (we buried one of the fossils in the jar and tried to see if it would come out, it didn’t)

This was lots of fun! We followed it up by getting out the Dinosaur encyclopedia that we have and the Wow Encyclopedia on everything, lots of pictures with some easy facts thrown in and were able to read about volcano’s dinosaurs and what the earth is made out of. A very fun morning with my kiddies!

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  1. Wendy Turner says:

    That’s SO awesome! We are going to use some old playdoh and do the same! (I follow ‘A Little Delightful’ too!). Maybe when your kids are better you could go visit the dinosaurs in Kings Park? One of our favorite spots for an adventure. xx

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