Digging for Dinosaurs

It has been a while since I made it back to the blogging world. Sick baby, sick kids, holidays and having a hubby away can take up all of your time!
I am learning so much about what it takes to be the wife, mother and woman that God wants you to be. I don’t often have times when people will have something to say to me that they feel is something from God but it has happened at least 3 times in the last month….maybe it is time I took notice! Learning just to ‘be’ in the place where you are at and learning that that is ok….even while the world spins and pulls around you is really difficult for me. I am forever thinking about what part of the world I can conquer next….

Well for now we have been hanging out in the land of the dinosaurs.
Adley is learning about Dinosaurs at kindy….although why this takes precedence over other learning areas I am not too sure, but I have decided to embrace it and with a little help from an amazing perth mum who has a blog called A Little Delightfu we have been discovering all about dinosaurs

Here is Adley digging for a dinosaur
Digging for Dinosaurs

Adley the Paleontologist

and Nevaeh

The finished product!

Then we moved onto Dinosaur land, and old huggies box can be useful for so many things
Painting Together!

With the Dinosaurs

Tomorrow we are going to add an active volcano! Adley is excited 🙂

So I have a question, echoed from Adley but one I couldn’t answer and told him to ask daddy when he gets home…’When did God make dinosaurs?’
I would love to hear your answers and how I can explain it to a 3 and 5 year old.

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