Nevaeh’s Butterfly Birthday Party

My little girl is almost 3!
We celebrated her birthday a couple of days early with a little party at our house yesterday. Nevaeh has seriously been talking about her party for about a year! I think it started just after she turned 2! Last year I was super sick for the kids birthdays, having morning sickness and an intestinal parasite making it impossible to eat or keep down any food I somehow managed to pull together a cake, pass the parcel and a whole bunch of kids for a joint party. This year I told the kids they could pick a few friends each, Nevaeh 3 because she is turning 3 and Adley 5, cause he is turning 5. Nevaeh picked her 3 new friends, Sophie, Abbey and Isla. They just happen to be triplets! 🙂 Soft hearted mummy though let her have a couple more, pushing it out to 10 and kids and 4 mummies, still a very manageable number.
Nevaeh tossed up between a butterfly, Dora or Princess party for months, finally ending up with a Butterfly Party (maybe, just a little helpful persuasion on mummy’s part) I had a ball flicking through pinterest and coming up with decorations and food to make it a special day.
We started out making the butterfly lanterns a couple of weeks ago. The lanterns are from Gone Bazaar and the Butterfly’s are cut out from scrapbook paper.

The lolly bags are simply m&m’s in sandwich bags, with a peg, some eyes and a pipecleaner for antenna’s. This was a fun and easy craft that the kids helped me with. I am not a fan of lolly bags and I usually end up throwing out all the little toys and funny looking lollies before the kids can drag them around the house. I figured M&M’s were a safe bet, something that mummy and daddy would enjoy eating if they didn’t want the kids to have it 🙂

The food was fun to do! Little marshmellow cups that I saw a picture of somewhere (couldn’t find them again). Arnott’s bickie saucer with a marshmellow, chocolate freckle and a musk lifesaver. ‘Glued’ together with egg white icing. Cute and yummy

Fruit Butterfly Pizza
I found all the instructions here, fun to do and easy enough. The kids have been asking just for the fruit on top…win!

I actually brought a Butterfly cake tin last year and that was Nevaeh’s cake for her 2nd birthday. Luckily, she isn’t old enough to remember and I was so sick last year I could barely ice it…this year I had a little more fun putting it all together.

Then we had butterfly sandwiches, butterfly cookies (that the kids decorated themselves…lots of fun), butterfly tattoo’s in the pass the parcel and butterfly all over the window’s, vases, watering cans and framed butterfly fabric that I had left over from some attempts of craft.

Nevaeh has a lovely time. Her favourite part of the day was the ‘food’ (that is my Nevaeh!) and the presents. We are blessed by so many wonderful friends and it was lovely to ceebrate with a special handful that Nevaeh picked out on her own.

Nevaeh, you are sweet, beautiful, kindhearted and generous. You drive me crazy with your whining and your constant ‘mine ungry” but you melt my heart with your loyalty and love for your big and little brother. You started out such a little peanut but you have a zest for life and I know you are going to stubbornly go about getting what you want. I have a feeling we will have many up’s and down’s with you but as long as we end each day arguing over who loves who the most, I will be one happy mummy…actually I already am!

(Nevaeh has just had hand foot and mouth….hence the spots around her mouth! 🙂

My little family is growing up! I love them all so much

next a Lego party…

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