finding the good

Winter has a way of reminding me that I am human after all!
We have had 2 sick kiddies this week = 3 trips to the Dr, one trip to the Emergency room, too much money spent at the chemist, not enough sleep, too much tv time and a cleaner house (when you can’t go out all week you have to do something!)

Some things that have made my week a little brighter

– Adley has started using ‘perhaps’ all the time. ‘Perhaps’ when I have finished school I will be a fireman and a policeman because I just can’t decide’. ‘Perhaps, you can let me watch kid shows.’ ‘Perhaps….’
So cute and sounds so grown up!

– We have started decorating a little early for Nevaeh’s birthday party so I have butterflies all over my house!

– Caden can finally hold something in his mouth to chew on. It just seems so cruel that babies have to teeth…and crueler that they can’t help themselves.

– Adley said something about having a girlfriend. When asked who his girlfriend is he said. “mummy, Nevaeh is my girl friend!” phew!

– Having kids birthdays just after the Toy Sales was great planning 🙂

– We are no longer moving – yet! Yay!!!!!

– My husband has written/adjusted an awesome message on Generosity. Just sad that I can’t be there to hear him give it.

– Some fun conversations with lots of people about living in a Community that is thinking ‘In, out and up’. Hopefully lots more to come on this in the future

– Having a kid in primary school in Australia means you get a bonus in your bank account! Completely surprised by that one! (Can I chalk up an Ipad as an educational expense?)

– I am blessed to be a mum and wife!

So back to puzzles I go with miss spotty (Nevaeh has hand, foot and mouth) and to the chorus of ‘cough cough, snuffle snuffle, sneeze sneeze’. Roll on summer!

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