Busy Busy and about to get busier!

I read something once about how when someone asks you “How are things going?” Our general response is…’busy’. Whatever I was reading was talking about being cautious with the word busy…that we use it to often and that it makes others feel like the should do more, or that you have no room for relationships…I don’t really remember but since reading this, I have tried to only use the term ‘busy’ when I really am busy…and this last couple of weeks have been BUSY!
Somehow in amongst the business of being busy I have been learning a lot about leadership, about my marriage, about myself, about my new friends, the church, community, what community could be, what ministry could be, how Christ followers can impact the world and eradicate extreme poverty just by giving $1 more and about my children and the way they learn! Seriously, sometimes I wonder how our brains function with so much different information!
Life has been good though. In amongst everything else I have been able to have some fun times with all 3 kids and with each of them on their own. Adley is growing up, too fast! And why do kids always have to pick up bad habits from school? He just loves school, adores his teacher but somewhere along the line he has decided that stomping his foot and putting his hands on his hips and giving a bit of a tongue lashing is a good way of communication…well, have I had news for him!
Nevaeh is such a moody little miss, God help us when she turns 12! She gives the best hugs and is utterly faithful to her friends and brothers but when she doesn’t want to do something…watch out! And when she is hungry! Which is all day, until dinner time of course!
My little baby is already 4 and a half months old. He is sitting up (for a minute) on his own and taking food out of my hands and off my plate! Rick doesn’t agree but from my experience Caden is just such a calm little guy. I feel so connected to him, absolutely adore him and I know he just soaks up every bit of love he is given by everyone. He is especially fond of his big brother and sister 🙂

Anyway, enough gushing about my kids! So, I talked of changes happening. A couple of them are now ‘public knowledge’, we are moving house…Move number 8 in 6 years! Not far though, just across the traffic lights! Our friends live there now and we will move in as they move out. I like change, I like the idea of new things…I don’t like the thought of packing up and I am a little sad to leave this house. The has been our Australian ‘home’ for the past 8 years. It was here that I first got a phone call from Rick in Chicago, where I brought Adley ‘home’ to in Australia as a baby, the first place Nevaeh came to after leaving the hospital, where Caden was born…I have never gotten attached to a house before, but this is a little different. I will be ok, I’m not particularly a sentimental person, I leave that up to my mother 🙂 but it will be a little sad.
The other news, and the reason why my life is about to get busier is that I am heading back to Uni! I will be starting in July, studying International Aid and Development and Community Development. It is going to take me a while to finish, I will start with just one unit and then add on next year! I am a little nervous about getting everything done but I feel absolutely that this is what I am meant to do. Have you heard that saying, where your passion and the world’s greatest need meet, that is your calling. With my experience in ministry and this drive within me to see a global community dedicated to love and justice I want to explore ways the western church can be making tidal wave impacts within their local arena as well as throughout the majority world. I know I could do this ok through advocacy and within my influence but to do it well, where there is lasting development, I feel the right thing to do is study the how’s, what’s, when’s, politics and policies. I hope I am not putting too much stock in a degree, I guess time will only tell. But it is a journey I am about to embark upon and I am excited about it! Even before the journey has really started though I have been amazed at the expression of interest from friends and those within my community. People who want to do something, but don’t know what or how. Hopefully in 4, 5 or 6 years time I can help to mobilise them and their ideas, skills and giftings to make this world a better place then when we found it!

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