Mummy guilt….

Tonight Nevaeh was playing with the teddies in her room (instead of going to sleep) and I could hear her chatting away.
Presumably, teddy one said, “where’s mummy?” Teddy two then answered…”at work”.
Teddy one asked again, “Where’s mummy?” Teddy two answered…”at the gym.”

Now, through Nevaeh’s eyes it would seem that I spend all my time working or at the gym! In reality, I work 2 days a week. 1 day from home, 1/2 a day in the office or out and 1/2 a day she comes with me!
As for the gym…I have only been making it there twice a week (if that) for the last month…

Now I know that I am a good mum (I could be better….but I am doing ok), and we have made sacrifices so that I can be at home with the kids as much as I am. I can’t bear the thought of having Adley at school fulltime next year and can’t contemplate having Nevaeh go off to pre kindy for 2 days a week. I make home made cookies and muffins with the kids, I clean their clothes, I sit for hours making puzzles, I build lego and blocks, I read the same story over and over again….but no…..”Where’s mummy?” “At work…”

So is this what every mother experiences? What about you ‘wiser’ mums? Did we do this to you as we were growing up? If I am honest I remember the times my mum was late to school (now mum, I know you will read this….don’t worry, I got over it, can’t you tell??) but I hope I think about all the t-ball games she scored for me and the netball teams she coached just as often.
The topic at MOPS (mothers of pre schoolers) in a couple of weeks is ‘Mummy guilt’, perfect timing and I just hope that I can pull myself away from work and the gym to be there 🙂

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  1. Von says:

    Oh Louise… it doesn’t seem to matter how much we turn ourselves inside out, does it? There’s always something the kids would wish we did differently 🙂 I am so excited about the talk; doing lots of ‘research (i.e., blog reading!) in preparation and this post was just perfect! I might quote you x

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