What can you do…

Today we helped women on the other side of the world 🙂
We connected to other mum’s who have had long labours, who have endured mastitis and swollen breasts.
Mums who have had sleepless nights with teething babies and kissed dirty knees to make it all better.
A mum, who is just like me, who worries about her kids and wants them to be healthy and happy.
The difference is that when my son needs an ultrasound to check on why he has 3 creases in one chubby leg and not the other, I don’t blink an eye at the $204 Dr’s bill while for the other mother, that is nearly what her family earns in a year!

Just spending a few hours organising a facebook event and inviting all of our friends along to it, a few flyers (although….we probably could have done with a whole heap more of these!), some afternoon tea and then setting up, the lovely Esme and I were able to spend the afternoon with old friends and new friends, kid free (well almost – Caden follows me everywhere still), drink coffee, eat brownies and cake, get some new clothes (I actually have jeans that fit now!) and raise $280 for Compassion’s Child Survival program in Rwanda.

Even for us, $280 isn’t money to be sneezed at. It would pay the water, electricity and gas bill that all came last week. It would buy the Ikea kitchen that I have my eye on for Nevaeh’s birthday and some Lego for Adley’s birthday. It would pay for that ultrasound that the Dr’s said Caden had to have to find out if there was something wrong with his hips or if he was just chubbier in one leg (turns out he is just chubbier on one side…)
There are lots of ways I could think of to spend this money…but in Rwanda it could mean that 46 mothers receive medical attention during the birth of their babies instead of being left to birth alone or with no trained attendant. That is 46 women! Cleaning a few clothes out of my closet (and getting new ones….) means 46 women now have a much higher chance of living through the birth of their child, and their child surviving then they did at the start of the day.

The community in Rwanda where the Child Survival Program is running is very poor. The Child Survival Program is brand new! Meaning, and let this not be wasted, that mums in this community can now have HOPE for their children. The same hope that we have for our kids to grow, to crawl, to walk, to speak, to discover Jesus, to make friends to believe they can be a fireman when they grow up…
When I wonder why I put effort into an event that everyday I get a facebook message that says such and such has declined your invitation (it can get a little depressing after a while…) I try and put myself in this mother’s shoes. The mother who tonight is sitting in her one roomed home, with her newborn baby that isn’t crying because she is just too weak too. Or the mum who’s 3 year old has had diarrhea for the last 3 days and the herbs she is mixing up aren’t helping him. Or the mum who’s husband has left and she doesn’t know how she is going to feed her 3 little children tomorrow. That is the mum that needs hope. If I were her, I would pray that someone who had the means would make the effort.

Watch this movie and be inspired – I believe it shouldn’t end at the beginning

Thanks to those who came along today, today you gave Hope to a mum who needs it.

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  1. Marci says:

    Love it! I want to do something like this too!!

    1. wifemotherwoman says:

      you should marci!!!

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