Baptism in the sandpit

Something light…(for something different!)

I was out the back with Adley and Nevaeh this afternoon, tidying up as they were playing in the sandpit. I could hear Adley chatting away but as I have a pretty yucky ear infection at the moment and am finding it difficult to hear, I really wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying. I could see Nevaeh kneeling in the sand with her hands across her chest, Adley next to her talking to her then next thing…Nevaeh is face first in the sand as Adley pushes her down!

“Adley!!! What do you think you are doing!” I scream!
I have been trying not to scream or raise my voice, but this caught me by surprise and seemed like such a brazen attack on his poor sister.

Startled they both look at me, Nevaeh with a face full of sand.
Adley calmly says, “But mummy, we are baptising each other like they did at church”

oh dear…I spend the next minute hugging and saying sorry to Adley in between laughing and dusting the sand of Nevaeh (who is still looking a little dazed!)

One Comment Add yours

  1. wendydturner says:

    Oh my…that is hilarious! Hope your ear infection gets better real quick. xox

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