An inspiring life?

I’ve been thinking…I tend to write something and publish it, then mull it over in my head for a little while.
Maybe I should do the ‘mulling’ before I hit publish, but I am far to impatient for such things!

I read this blog, Momastry, and I am always inspired by what ‘G’ has to say and what she and her ‘monkees‘ are doing. Part of what inspires me is knowing that G has pulled herself up from depression and addiction to be a Christ follower who is living out Jesus’ call to love God with all your heart and to love others like yourself. You know how you hear those stories of people who ‘once lived like this’ but now they are changing the world someone. I tend to hear them and go ‘man my story is no where near as exciting and dramatic as that, how can I change the world?’ I am SO grateful that I have not had to learn life lessons with such pain and suffering that others have had to go through, and I really wouldn’t want their stories to be mine. Their stories are such a testament of God’s faithfulness and their courage, and that is truly wonderful. But…I am coming to realise that my story is no less important.

I have said before that I tend to have a bit of a Saviour complex. I want to save everyone. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I have experienced such a stable life and others should be able to too. My parents sacrificed for me, but as a child I didn’t see this. I was always fed and clean, I always had someone pick me up at school at the end of the day (albiet sometimes 45 minutes late!). I have a wonderful relationship with my mum and dad now, I have loved and lost people along the way but I have been blessed through these friendships. I have more then what I need now and the most cherished treasures in my 3 little ones and a wonderful husband. I am full. My cup is full and spilling out. This, I think is where my desire to make a difference in others lives comes from. I do not need a jaw dropping life story to help others, I just need a full cup, or as one friend calls it full love tank! You can not build into others lives until you build into your own life. I hope you didn’t read my last post to be about ‘how I have so much to give and I can do all this great stuff’….this isn’t my heart. I am nothing without God. It is my heavenly Father who has given me a blessed life. I do all that I do because of Jesus’ sacrifice, because of the knowledge that God loves me and because I pray that God’s kingdom will come to earth, as it is in heaven. Those who have been given much, much is expected of them. Maybe that is where someone like G’s life and mine are similar. We have both been given a life full of experiences (although totally different, that isn’t the similar part) that have led us to a healthy, happy family and through that, God can use us to reach others.

So what makes you full? Where do you need to build yourself up?

I am going to try something new this week. At CCC we were encouraged to do our RPM’S, each day, and I must confess….I don’t think I ever did them 😦
RPM’S are where you each morning (or week as it will probably be in my case) you rate yourself from 1-10 on four things.

Relational – this typically includes the people with whom we interact with on a regular basis: our immediate family, friends, small groups, co workers. You can ask yourself these questions.
• How are my relationships at home?
• What about my marriage, dating, or family life is going well? What’s not going so well?
• What would I like to change?
• Who do I consider my closest friend? How is God using that relationship to grow me?
• What are my relationships at work like?
• Which of my relationships give me energy and life? Which are the most challenging or draining?

Physical – Diet, excercise, sleep and rest. Ask yourself these questions
• Am I getting enough rest?
• How is my current energy level?
• What am I doing to maintain good health? Is there anything about my physical health that I’d like to change?

Mental – In order to stay sharp and be life long learners we need to develop our minds. Some questions are
• What have I been learning lately?How am I applying what I am learning?
• What magazines, books, or websites do I read or access?
• What thoughts have been dominating my mind? Are they drawing me closer to God? Are they pulling me away from him?

Spiritual – Discovering and acting on what helps us grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus.
• How would I describe my relationship with Christ right now?
• What does it look like when I am feeling closely connected to God?
• Which spiritual disciplines seem to help me draw closer to Jesus? Prayer? Journaling? Worship? Solitude?
• Who is holding me accountable to practicing these disciplines?
• What has God been saying to me lately through his Word? The Holy Spirit? Other Christ followers? Prayer?

(Thanks Dave Ferguson for the above!)

I figure by taking care of myself, I will be better able to take care of my family and my time, energy, passions, words and finances can spill out to others.
How do you make sure your love tank if full and that you have enough energy and desire to build into your family and others?

So G and her Monkee tribe (that is what she calls them), are making an impact around America taking care of families who are doing it tough in one way or another. They are looking at starting Monkee tribes around the world and I am thinking we can be one of them? I don’t know…feels like an unknown area and probably will take a lot of time and computing skill (which I don’t have) but I think this is doable. Read about what they do on her blog here and let me know what you think. Changing the world is going to take a lot of time, but changing someone’s world just takes a moment 🙂

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