How do you handle it?

They say you can be sure of two things in life…taxes and death. I say, you can be sure of 3 things…taxes, change and death.
Change in one of those button pressing things. It is always able to conjure a comment out of someone, typically along the lines of ‘I hate change’ or the classic, ‘change is as good as a holiday!’.
I grew up with change! My dad likes it…We moved house a few times, he moved jobs a few times…somehow I inherited his desire to make things better, and of course that happens when you change things in some way! I used to change my room around. Move the bed, the desk, organise my bookshelf. Then I got an apartment and Rick had to get used to coming home every couple of months to find the place reorganised…now I have a whole house and Rick no longer notices (or at least he grumbles less) when he comes home to find 3 rooms moved around.
When we were in our premarital counseling the wise couple we met with pointed out how Rick and I acted differently to change. I get an idea, or am forced to take action on something and I think it is great (I’m not talking about the ‘something terrible has happened’ kind of change, more like the ‘you need to move house’ kind of change). Change means cleaning out the old, getting rid of what isn’t working in life, choosing new things, creating new memories, making yourself better! I embrace it, straight away and run with it.
Rick on the other hand didn’t grow up like a gypsy. He lived in the same couple of houses in the same suburb, his parents worked at the same job and he went to the same school and the same church. He had lots of other stuff going on in his life so this routine was probably a really good thing for him…but…it means he doesn’t embrace the ‘newness’ of change the way I do. He asks questions, he ponders, he talks about it, he mulls it over, he doubts, he wonders…(he gets in the way of my enthusiasm!) and then he eventually comes around to it.
Over the last (nearly) 6 years of marriage and, 3 kids, 9 foster kids, 7 houses, 2 countries and 12 jobs later we have worked out that the way we embrace change can occasionally be frustrating for each other but more often then not it is a great thing. I excite Rick about all the new possibilities and he brings me back to earth with reason and thoughtful questions.
So we Pekan’s are in another season of change. Our little man has brought change to our lives this year and it looks like a few more things are on the cards for us in the next 12 months. Some change isn’t good at all. It is nasty, it is hard and sometimes it just should never ever happen. But sometimes change is innovative, exciting and will bring along a whole heap of new wonders, adventures and memories. Embrace the madness I say! Let the rollercoaster ride (and inevitable packing boxes) begin!!

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