Caden’s Dedication

Our baby boy is growing so fast. This gorgeous time seems to fly by!
I have been blessed with a very very good baby (so far…I know this can change fast! I have first hand experience…)
Caden is peaceful, talkative, attentive, curious, relational, strong and cuddly. Isn’t it amazing how well you can know your baby after having them in your life for just 11 weeks.
I have heard people say that babies are all the same…mums know differently! Each baby, no matter how old they are have their own personality, quirks and special little ways they need to be loved. I feel so sad when I think of the babies we have had in our home, and those that I see with other foster carers that don’t have their mummies doting on them, getting to know them and the uniqueness God gave them. Each child deserves and needs to be cuddled, gazed at and loved by their mummy. The foster mums out there do an amazing job at stepping in for biological parents, and sometimes that bond can be just as strong as if the baby came from your own womb…but it is still sad that the woman who felt those tiny kicks, who first touched those little fingers and who named her baby isn’t in a place to be able to take care of them.

This has been a big week for our boy. He has slept a few nights for 8-9 hours! (Know that I have said this, tonight we will be back to waking every 2!)
Caden has had his first play in the excersaucer! He has started dribbling and grabbing at toys to stick into a wide open mouth and he was Dedicated to God, a time when we promise to raise Caden with a knowledge of God, his love and his sacrifice. Our community, family, friends and church in turn promise to stand with us and help us along the journey.
We had our lovely friend Rachel read out the below prayer, a promise from Rick and I.

Lord, We thank you for this precious gift of our son. You have given him to us and now we dedicate Caden Joseph to you.
You alone know the plans you have for him. We release him to You to care for and protect, and we commit ourselves to raise him with Christian values.
With each day that he grows up, help him to fully understand the depth of your love for him and through that understanding that he will bring peace to people’s lives.
Teach us how to pray and guide us in what to pray for with regard to his life. Help us not impose our own will, but rather enable us to always pray that your will be done in his life.

Because you tell us that every good gift comes from you, we know that you have given him to us to raise. Help us to do that.
We invite you to be in control of his life. We rely on you for everything, and this day We trust our child into your care.

Our peaceful little guy is an amazing Blessing! I love you Caden and I am so glad God picked me to be your mummy

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