Could God have freckles?

So we have another ritual in out house. Each night after dinner, bath/shower the kids come and sit on the ‘good’ couch (the one that supposedly doesn’t have cars, tissues and other random toys all over it) and we read a Bible story. We read from the Jesus storybook Bible and the kids have a piece of fruit each. Sometimes Nevaeh will sit, other times she dances…I kind of hope that she listens to the stories and takes a bit of it in! (Every night she tells me ‘Catherine read that one”, Catherine babysat 2 weeks ago so I am going to go with my theory that she can multitask; listen and dance!) Adley listens, he might ask a question or two but most of the time he just absorbs the story.
Tonight though Adley got theological on me. And of course Rick wasn’t home so I couldn’t palm off the question to him!
While reading the last chapter, which happens to be a overview of revelation Adley asks “Mum, where is God?” Of course I answer with God is all around us.
So Adley looks me up and down…”Mum, I think God is your red dots….your freckles”.
Now if you don’t know me, I am covered blessed with freckles from head to toe. Not just a couple of cute ones on my nose…nope, I have fortune of being a fair skinned red head who lives in the sunniest place in the world!
I look at Adley and think…the parenting books I have read haven’t covered this one…
“Yes Adley, God could be my freckles because God made me and gave them to me” I’m thinking, he isn’t going to buy this.
Not sure if I should go on or not I look at Adley, “you have some freckles on your nose (he has the cute kind), is God your freckles?” “Yes…and Jesus lives in my heart”
At this point I would like to say, I think Adley pictures that he has this little man that literally lives in his heart. Now this is a tricky concept…God is all around, Jesus lives in your heart….I would love to explain this all to him but Nevaeh is dancing, I have had a very long day and Caden is once again attached to my breast. In my most upbeat encouraging voice I say, “Yes Adley, Jesus does live in your heart and he loves you”.
I turn back to the book and begin to read a few more lines but apparently we aren’t done with the conversation.
“Mum, when I pray to God, I can’t hear him talking back to me.”

My little boy might be full of energy but he is a real thinker. You can sometimes see the clogs turning.
I love being his mummy and I love teaching him about God, sometimes though I feel so out of my depth! And he is only 4!!
Explaining that God is here and hears us and created everything and knows everything and has gone before us and has forgiven us….it is hard to wrap your brain around.

“Adley, God talks back to you when you feel good about something or when someone is kind to you or when mummy and daddy give you a hug, that is God talking to you.”
“Well then God talks to me all the time!”

Faith like a child….maybe God does have freckles.

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  1. marciblogorama says:

    So sweet! Love it!

  2. marciblogorama says:

    So sweet, love it!

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