Come back and lie down with me sooooon!

We have a nightly ritual after lights are out. I don’t know when it started, sometime between Adley learning to talk and going into his own bed but after I read a story and turn off the light a little voice calls out, “Come back and lie down with me soon!” “Yes I will”, I call out.
Some nights I forget. I get on with the dishes and putting Nevaeh and Caden to bed, or I just flake out on the couch. Sometimes Adley will call out and remind me, other times he is fast asleep by the time I get around to it.
This week, after hearing about a mum who has left this earth far too early, leaving behind her two babies, I have remembered to go back and lie down with Adley. Or gently take Nevaeh back to her bed after the 5th time she has gotten up to ‘tell me somethink’ and I have held onto Caden an extra few minutes before lying him down into the bassinet.
While lying with Adley one night this week, and feeling the pangs of fatigue after a long day and 2 months of interrupted sleep I ask him if he will get up and mop the floors, hang out the washing, fold the nappies, write the shopping list and do the shopping (online) while I lie in his bed and sleep. He laughs, “No mummy!” “Why not?” I say. “Because I’m not the mummy, you are.”
Your right Adley, I am the mummy. And I wouldn’t give it up for the world! Lord let me be with my babies to see them grow old!

Go and squeeze your babies a little bit tighter tonight.

Blessings Mummas!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Simone says:

    Oh Louise, thanks for this, you made me cry….

    1. wifemotherwoman says:

      Those squeezes mean a bit more after you hear news like Miranda’s this week. xx

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