Getting Organised

I go back to work in 3 weeks, only a day and a half a week and I get to work from home or take bubby into work with me! Very lucky mummy.
However, with 3 kids aged 4 and under and with a 2 parents working in Ministry (which really…hours don’t mean much πŸ™‚ I want to make sure we are super duper organised so I have been trolling the internet looking at ways other mums make the time they have count!
Here are a few things that I have found or come up with and I thought I would share them in case they help other mummies out!

Meal planning! I used to do this and then got out of the habit! I have been getting back into it the last month.
Pros – spending less money, no mid week trips to the shop, better variety of food, tastier food, easy to prepare, hubby is able to help more, takes less thought each day
Cons – Can take a few hours to do by the time I sort through my recipe list, write down all the ingredients that I need and shop online in amongst looking after 3 kids!

I have used these documents from a blog by a mum with 6 kids!
The other thing I have done is spend some time going through my recipe books/magazines and listing out what I cook/can cook. This has made it easier when it comes to choosing what we will have all month and has made sure we have a heap of variety.

I have a pregnancy brain that lingers well into a baby brain. I have had it for a little over 5 years now πŸ™‚ I constantly forget that I have organised to meet with people. Or I presume I have told Rick what I am going to be doing the next day. Actually Rick has some kind of brain issue as well as he is always asking me what I am going to be doing…anyway in our house we need something that is visible and clear to keep track of us all. The calendar wasn’t working, I don’t have a smart phone to organise my life and I have enough stuff in my bag to carry around without lugging my day planner too! So we have set up a simple table on the fridge. Space for everyone, set into each day and morning/afternoon/evening. Rick and I then sit down on Sunday and work out the week; who is going to the gym when, Drs appts etc. I can stick Adley’s library day on his section (save me running back to the school again to take his book) and any other meetings or special events. So far so good πŸ™‚
I also added a spot for chores under each day. This way I can keep up with the house little by little (and maybe….just maybe someone else in the house will choose to show me love through acts of service!)

I haven’t yet, but I am going to add a special activity row. We have been trying to implement ‘family circle time’ to our routine. Not every day but days when Adley doesn’t have school and we are home. We use this time to go into something in a little more depth. Have a story, a craft/game activity and a prayer time. At the moment we are focussing on Easter but hope to add topics like travelling around the world (take a look at this blog for ideas about Travel Night), sports, culture…anything really!

If you have some other great ideas about how to get your family organised, I would LOVE to hear them, please share πŸ™‚

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