He said what???

While sitting at Toddler Jam today my wonderful friends husband who is being a SAHD (Stay at home dad) just for this month commented, (while eating a delicious looking cupcake and sipping punch from a coconut cup, with a little umbrella and everything), “I don’t know why mums complain about staying at home with the kids, this is easy!”

Aaaaa…*sigh* yes, there are lovely moments of reward being a stay at home mum, but very very rarely do they include drinking punch out of coconut shaped cups in the middle of the day 🙂 (This is one of the reasons why I LOVE toddler Jam, they know how to reward a mum after listening and dancing to the same Wiggles songs for 8 weeks!)

I start back at work in 3 weeks after my 3 and a half months off. I have a great job, work that I really enjoy and that I think and hope really makes a difference. I have a great work/life balance, can work from home with the kids and take the kids into the office with me if need be. I am truly lucky….yet, I am going to miss having my head totally at home. Being at home isn’t easy on the days when you have had little sleep, kids have had little sleep, someone is sniffing (constantly), you argue with hubby about the dishes, which ends up being an argument about the last 10 times the dishes (or whatever else) wasn’t done. (There really is a reason why 1 Corinthians 13 says, “Love is not bringing up past wrongs….”), the baby is crying, the kids are arguing about what Dora says (or the way she says it), someone can’t find their favourite butterfly shirt, there is no milk in the fridge (which means no coffee), the cereal has been spilt everywhere and there are 4 half eaten bowls of breakfasts sitting at your daughter’s place at the table….and this is before 7am!

But then there are days where you over hear your son say to your daughter “Next time someone is mean to you come and tell me and I will tell them off” (This one warmed my heart!)

But the responsibility of any parent to instil their kids with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, thankfulness and self control (feel like I am singing a Colin Buchanan song), plus manners, etiquette, how to dress, feed, toilet, clean themselves….then you have how to read, write, add….then how to make friends, keep friends….and this is just in the early years is HUGE! Being able to stay at home and put all your energy into this as well as running your house and whatever else you decide to do with your time is a Huge advantage and Blessing. It isn’t easy, but having to work AND take all of the above into consideration is hard. Plus add on mummy guilt to those who work, but then again…mums who stay at home can feel just as guilty about a whole heap of other things. Anway, I didn’t want this blog to become about stay at home mums vs. working mums.


ImageBeing a stay at home mum isn’t easy, but neither is being a working mum and I am going to venture that being a stay at home + work from home mum gives you the best and the worst of both worlds! But when you get to eat cake in the middle of the day and drink punch from coconut shaped cups….yeah, life is pretty good.


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  1. Amanda says:

    The pumpkin scones were good too. I like pretty much any food I don’t have to cook myself 🙂 I think for me that is the hardest thing; the repetition of the days. I feel like everyday I wash the same clothes and spend all my time cooking and putting away the same clothes and listening to the same songs! Then you add in work that puts you in a completely different head space. GAH! And the guilt – man I get the guilt thing. And yet with all of that. How lucky and I!

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