Has your kid ever drawn this?

Adley came home from his first week at school and like all mum I was busting to know what he had done in the hours he spent away from me. After the usual “I played with Josh and Jacob and we ran around having races like Lightning McQueen and we didn’t let the girls chase us and I came first and won the piston cup but Josh and Jacob both won too” (he likes to be fair bless him), Adley eventually told me he did a drawing.
‘That’s wonderful’ I said, “What did you draw?” I presumed he would say something about Lightning Mcqueen as this is basically all that exists in life to Adley at the moment. So you can imagine my shock when Adley says, “I drew a placenta and a cord and baby Caden.”
I bet his teacher wondered what on earth does this family talk about at home!
Here is Adleys artwork, you can see the cord on the left, the placenta on the right and Caden in the middle.

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